OAAG Support Law Enforcement - Digital Billboard Design

Recently, the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia (OAAG) contacted us to design a PSA digital billboard in support of the men and women of Georgia's law enforcement. When the concept was first discussed, we knew we were potentially going to be a part of something big. Our objective was to meet the client's request by delivering a campaign design which Georgians could relate to in a positive way and would represent and honor local law enforcement.


OAAG’s only creative requirements were the thematic messaging of "support for law enforcement in Georgia" and inclusion of OAAG's logo; all other aspects were left to our discretion. We knew we wanted to showcase both men and women and use colors that were not too vibrant but would complement each other and draw immediate attention. The background colors created a nice contrast with the silhouetted figures and the bold, simple copy. The generic silhouette was selected to represent both genders, all races and nationalities. The female police officer stock image did not reflect a true silhouette of a woman and required setting and manipulation of hair. The original officer stock image badge (on the chest) was replaced with Blue versions large badge for consistency. The headline was chosen because our freedoms are a result of more than just the efforts of our military.

An estimated 125+ digital billboards throughout the state of Georgia displayed the PSA campaign starting on July 27, 2016. To read about the news and social media coverage this advertising campaign received read the Support Law Enforcement Billboards - Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia (OAAG) PSA post on our outdoor advertising blog.

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