Beverly Hospital - Billboard Design

Beverly Hospital has been utilizing outdoor advertising for years, they change their creative often and are no strangers to extensions or teaser/reveal campaigns. The billboard location they continue to use is an out of home triple threat; it is near their location, low to the ground on a busy road and at a stop light. 


Out of Home Creative was commissioned to put a concept or campaign together announcing their newly renovated, private maternity rooms. We initially discussed a teaser/reveal campaign that would start November 2017 and run until the end of January 2018. Their were four proposed concepts that would change vinyl every 3 weeks.  Of those four billboards, three were planned to feature an extension.


On the first teaser, “Wings of Change” we set one butterfly to look as if it was flying off the billboard into the sky (top Right). Clear Acrylic or Lexan Plastic was suggested to accomplish this look. The third teaser, "New Maternity Wing Coming Soon" shows the butterfly graphic replacing the letter W.

Due to time and change in their internal staff, the client approved a brander that featured an extension (proof of purchase photo shown here).

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