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We Bite Back

“I don’t believe in OOH, but I saw your work and wanted to see what you come up with” is how the call started. No boards were contracted, and OOH advertising was contingent on the creative.

After diving in, I learned the client has two offices in Louisiana and was interested in using a Gator illustration from their clients' holiday invitations. Gators… a starting point I could work from. However, the highlight of the discovery call was listening to the client's confidence in his firm and how they represent their clients. How he described what it takes to be a trial lawyer made me realize he wrote his campaign. To tie their roots to Louisiana, I included that gator in their invite and presented this gator tail in all its scaled, discolored, and worn naked beauty worthy of the phrase “We bite back.”


Partial campaign shown. Phase two is in the works!



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