Casteel 3D Toilet Paper Roll Billboard - 2014 OBIE Finalist

2013 was Casteel's first time advertising in out of home and their objective was to make their creative vision a reality. Casteel wanted to advertise in a humorous {and huge} way that they now offered "Plumbing" to their line of services.  Once Casteel knew what their overall vision was, they gave me creative freedom to execute the design. I worked hand in hand, from concept to completion with Atomic Props during the CAD design and prop production to ensure Casteel's advertisement would "wipe" out their competition.


I wanted the board to look and feel like it was really inside a bathroom. To create this effect, I used a tiled wall background and type style that made the word "Plumbing" seem as if I had written it on the vinyl, not as part of their logo. Strands of toilet paper were designed to "flap" in the wind. For the roll color, I used Brown for contrast and chrome coating vinyl for shine. All these elements combined with their headline tied in beautifully with the toilet paper prop and really made this design come to life. Two billboards went up in Atlanta with the same creative and 1,500 lb toilet paper props. This billboard design won 1st place in the 2014 Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia (OAAG) creative contest and was a 2014 OBIE Finalist.

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