Elf on the Shelf New York City Times Square

Elf on the Shelf wanted a big idea using out of home to advertise their new movie, "An Elf Story" before Christmas. If you have children you probably have an Elf of the Shelf and know that every night the Elf flies to the North Pole and comes back the next morning, in a new location. This is where my idea started...


The Elf on the Shelf had become such a household name they now had an iconic Macy's day parade Elf balloon. I pitched a 5 day teaser and reveal starting the week of Thanksgiving leading up to the Macy’s day parade in NYC Times Square. I lead and collaborated with the Clear Channel Spectacolor team to find advertising locations and structures that would allow 3D prop placement. I researched and negotiated 3D inflatable prop estimates to include in the proposal. The idea was to tease consumers, “Something was coming this Thanksgiving”. I utilized wallscapes, various digitals and small digital displays (next to McDonalds signage) to tease pedestrians and incorporated inflatable 3D Elf props to be positioned on a different board every night leaving the public to wonder where the next Elf would show up in the morning. On Thanksgiving morning (and day of the Macy’s parade) digitals revealed the new movie, "An Elf Story" was now available for purchase. An experiential pop-up store located in the middle of New York City's Times Square would sell the new DVD's and Elf on the Shelf products.

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