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There's a murder to be solved in Texas! Through bold creative, edgy copy and daring community placements, Hunt A Killer took over the city of Austin. The immersive murder mystery game is a case told throughout six episodes. Each subscription box allows true crime fans to sort through evidence and piece together clues – all to catch a killer.

Instead of traditional OOH, the client chose strategic street-level advertising. We used the tagline "Who Killed Beth?" on wrapped buses to create suspense, and a series of posters canvassed the city, teasing Austinites to get excited about the detective experience. I illustrated a female body outline with the client's logo converted to a stencil, and it was plastered on 75 sidewalks to intrigue passersby.

Austin's "keep it weird" city was the perfect choice for Hunt A Killer to raise brand affinity with their first OOH campaign.

Awards | Recognition:

OBIE Finalist

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