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Jim Ellis Creative Billboard Ad
Jim Ellis Creative Billboard Ad
Jim Ellis Creative Billboard Ad
Jim Ellis Creative Billboard Ad

Jim Ellis Automotive wanted to do something fun and different from the automotive norm. They were looking for ideas to increase the dealership’s customer social media engagement while increasing dealership awareness. We came up with the idea to give the public an opportunity to post a personal message on digital billboards around Georgia via Facebook or Twitter and relish in their 15 seconds of fame! It was key to keep verbiage simple in order for this campaign to be understood and effective. Orange was used to represent Georgia license and dealership plates making the public aware the advertisement had something to do with automotive.


  • Campaign centered on driving incremental Facebook “likes” and Twitter “followers” 

  • Promotional giveaways (e.g. Falcons Tickets) and contests were included to engage the public

  • Facebook and Twitter feeds were directed to Crowd Convergence, a social media aggregation software which was moderated by a third party that approved submission via guidelines set up by Jim Ellis. 

  • After the consumer's submitted message appeared on the billboard, a webcam took a photo of the billboard and the consumer was notified via Facebook or Twitter that their personalized message was live on the billboard.


Facebook: To post a message, consumers visited the Jim Ellis Automotive Facebook Page, posted their message on the clients wall and then tagged it with #JimEllisTag.

Twitter: Consumers tagged their tweet with #JimEllisTag and Jim Ellis tweeted back a webcam photo. (see photos for details)

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