Kettle Chips - What’s Your Flavor? Tease Reveal Campaign

Out of Home Creative was commissioned to design a outdoor advertisement for prospective client Kettle Chips.  A tease and reveal campaign centered around their various chip flavors along with an integrated marketing street team was pitched to address the brand's challenge and meet their goal of promoting multiple products. Out of more than 30 types of Kettle Chip available, three were chosen to feature in this campaign primarily due to how each could be incorporated within the creative direction of the campaign which we came up with. The proposed billboard's design would change every week until the final product reveal was displayed. The billboard's location was near the Nashville Tennessee central business district in the trendy, mixed used neighborhood known as The Gulch.


The biggest challenge for Kettle Chips was brand awareness, due to heavy competition in the category and with the Kettle name also being a category unto itself.


To build awareness by introducing consumers to the Kettle brand as the best, most flavorful chip on the planet and allow them to taste their wide variety of flavors.

Target Market:

Conscious cravers a.k.a. millennials who are looking for great flavor experiences, ingredients and brand values they can buy into. While health-aware they also allow for indulgence.


Tease and Reveal Billboard Concepts:

Tease #1: Create buzz, awareness and curiosity by asking public, “What’s Your Flavor?”
Tease #2, #3 and #4: Tease and entice with various product colors asking questions that relate to product flavor e.g. “I like it Spicy”, “I like it Sweet” and “I like it Non-GMO.”

Reveal #5 or #6: Encourage public to, “Find Your Flavor” revealing brand and product. Below the billboard reveal, a pop-up tasting station was proposed (details below).

Street Team:
A marketing team was proposed to engage with consumers under the billboard at the street level. Street team members would wear Kettle branded t-shirts printed in the various product color and chip flavors. A fabricated bar-height tasting table underneath the billboard structure would allow pedestrians to taste different Kettle Chip flavors. Complimentary, take home snack size bags would be handed out. A selfie station would let pedestrians take photos of themselves with their favorite flavor(s) to tie into Kettle's Instagram and Twitter social media accounts.