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What's Your Flavor?

Speculative for Kettle Chips to build awareness of the Kettle brand as the best, most flavorful chip on the planet. Their target audience was conscious cravers looking for great flavor experiences, ingredients, and brand values; while health-aware, they also allow indulgence.

Tease and Reveal + Street Team

Tease #1: Create buzz

Tease #2 - #4: Entice products

Reveal #5 and #6: Brand Kettle Chips and encourage consumers to "Find Your Flavor."

Below the billboard, a pop-up tasting station was proposed with a street team to engage passersby. I designed t-shirts for the team to brand various flavors. Complimentary snack-size bags and a selfie station for people to share photos with their favorite ­flavor on social media would be available.

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