Multiple Sclerosis - Bike MS Billboard Design

Multiple Sclerosis Billboard Advertising

Bike MS tour is a ride hosted by The National Multiple Sclerosis Society in Georgia. Bike MS wanted to raise awareness about this event and increase participation sign up rates so they turned to out of home for their solution. Bike MS' objective was to find a highly visible billboard location where they could set up a booth for people to register for the event. The location chosen was a street surface billboard near a busy intersection in a well known, easy to enter, Buckhead plaza next to Starbucks.


The creative focus was the emotion of the advertisement; we wanted the public to see what they could do to help fight Multiple Sclerosis. To achieve this we used a caution sign that would easily be understood the advertisement had something to do with the road up ahead. We collaborated on the message and to bring it to life, used a real person cycling as part of the billboard. A sign up booth was set up under the billboard ready to take in registers and answer questions about the bike tour.


A volunteer cycled on a stationary bike for two hours during three rush hour time frames: 7-9am, 11am-1pm and 4-6pm. During these time frames, Bike MS was able to engage Starbucks clientele to walk over and see what the buzz was about. Once passing motorists saw the real cyclist and booth they pulled over and engaged with the sign-up booth.