Pendo San Francisco Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Out of Home Creative was commissioned to design an outdoor advertising campaign for PENDO, a software as a service (SaaS) company headquartered in Raleigh, NC with offices in San Francisco, New York and Israel. PENDO's goal was to reach potential customers in San Francisco through a combination of traditional, digital and outdoor advertising. Several outdoor platforms were used to display their two-part messaging; billboards, digital billboards, (more than 30) transit shelters, wallscapes, and airport displays.


For the campaign, the advertiser used different messages and two websites for customers to learn more about their products and services: and I collaborated with their Marketing and Design executives by consulting on best Out of Home design practices offering industry experience and insights on how the campaign would translate to outdoor advertising. Educating clients on a concept that will work across multiple media platforms is essential when you are considering the different sizes and placement of each product combined with the messaging elements.


The client was initially interested in using images, patterns and copy which were not ideal for Out of Home and that would not have presented their message in the most effective manner. A more simplistic approach was recommended using taglines which placed the focus on the company's products and services. PENDO’s bold typeface and colors made this a natural choice for out of home.


PENDO released the above video of the campaign entitled, “Pendo Paints SF Pink.” We followed up with our client on whether the campaign was successful and if they were happy with the outcome and received a welcomed reply, “Super happy. We're running a number of digital and offline campaigns in parallel and it's had a great impact”.