Power 96.1 FM Atlanta - Digital Billboard Design

Power 96.1 Atlanta Billboard 1
Power 96.1 Atlanta Billboard 2
Power 96.1 Atlanta Billboard 3
Power 96.1 Atlanta Billboard 4

Power 96.1 FM was taking over an existing radio station, they needed to let the public know the call letters and music genere was changing. The station had access to artists photos which is where the idea begin to do a tease and reveal countdown utilizing digital displays. The campaign featured nine different music artists as the tease for motorists to know the board had something to do with music. I designed a digital countdown, utilizing the nine different artists rotating throughout the day.


8 AM: Digital teaser campaign started with only an image of each artist.

5 PM: During rush hour, teaser revealed something was "Coming at 8PM".

8 PM: "Ready or Not, Here I Come" by Lauren Hill played on the radio station continuously until the switch was made to Power 96.1. A new station logo for Power 96.1 was revealed and rotated with combinations of all nine artists through the next day.

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