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Outdoor Advertising Design in Motion: Bus and Transit Shelter Examples

Recently, we've been designing different types of outdoor advertising at Out of Home Creative such as transit shelters, bus panels and bus wraps. We wanted to share some of those recent creative designs, talk design fundamentals and best practices for this out of home category.

This is the final proof-of-concept for Firefly Pediatrics from Stamford, CT and both transit shelters and bus tail advertisement are currently running as part of a larger campaign. In the bus shelter, you'll notice how we've centered the design around a vertical split between the messaging and the photograph. The text stands out against a bold background, while the subject is grounded on a white background. The headline (to me) is secondary because the photos are able to say the same thing... a visual can say a thousand words vs putting a thousand words on an advertisement to explain your photo.

Firefly Transit and Bus Advertisement

Our next campaign is speculative and I'm hoping it will sell! Our client requested artwork for divorce attorneys to be displayed on transit shelters and bus panels. They gave us complete creative freedom from there. Before starting the design process, I decided to create a campaign that would saturate the market making a real mark for the advertiser. We used the shelters as a teaser/reveal and two different size bus panels offering a campaign in motion. Divorce is not a colorful process, therefore I wanted the design to be Black and White. Unfortunately, the older we get in life the more people we know who have been through a divorce (those people were my inspiration for this request). Using a wedding ring as a substitute for word placement isn't something new to OOH but I wanted to take it one step further and create a full advertising campaign using this visual but something the public could find humor in, in a not so humorous topic. For more information and samples of this campaign click here.

Next up is a Connecticut National Guard full bus wrap for two different recruitment teams, one in Hartford and the other in New Haven (showing one of two buses). Full wraps like this offer the ability to layer together many different creative elements: a consistent background, several images and call-to-action copy. This advertisement started running in early May.

CT Transit Bus Wrap Outdoor Advertisement

This particular bus advertisement is a "King Kong" ad, it is larger than most traditional bus ads offered. We designed this for Joel Frazier and when he saw the final purchased product, his enthusiasm could not be contained. Realtor Joel Frazier is from Avon, CT and this was his first time using out of home advertising on a bus. Extra large images work well on bus wraps and the profile image of the realtor does just that. Video courtesy of Joel Frazier Real Estate LLC.

These are proof-of-purchase photos for Children's Museum and CT Shade. For Children's Museum, we used client photos which worked for the generic ad but for the butterfly exhibit their image was an enclosed photograph of a butterfly and you really couldn't make out what it was from a far. I presented the client with a slightly different look, still using their font but with a more engaging concept of butterflies swarming the ad space. I felt this look better described the exhibit and will hopefully draw in ticket sales. Both advertisers started running in April 2016 on CT Transit.

Bus Panel Outdoor Advertisement
CT Transit Bus Panel Outdoor Ad

CT Transit Bus Ad - Shade & Blind

Wrapping up, these are speculative bus wraps we designed for IKEA. The concept was focused on branding their new TILLFALLE Collection; a Brazilian inspired theme combining "bold patterns, mixed colors and Scandinavian minimalism." We used these different themes to wrap the background and then began layering the designs. Buses offer something unique – the flexibility to use windows graphics – bringing another dimension to an advertisement. Here we used the windows to illustrate people leaning on the TILLFALLE Collection pillows (vs bus seats) as well as collection products (e.g. hanging lights and towels). IKEA is known for using out of home for price point advertising and we showed this as an option using their signature colors to help it stand out from the background design.

Full Bus Wrap Advertising

Full Bus Wrap Advertising

Ikea Bus Wrap Advertising

About Out of Home Creative: We are an outdoor advertising firm which designs billboards, digital campaigns, transit, and street furniture to any non-traditional out of home advertising. Based in Atlanta, Georgia we serve businesses, agencies, media buyers and out of home companies throughout North America. Melody Roberts is the Founder and CEO.

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