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This Joint is Legal

According to a Pew Research Center study from October 2016, 57% of Americans feel the use of marijuana should be legal.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this billboard for the East Atlanta location of The Joint chiropractic. As I passed this billboard I immediately thought, “WOW... I wish I could take a picture and write about this advertisement”. The board is located in Decatur, GA which is on the other side of town and I knew I would not be over that way again. When I didn’t see the advertisement anywhere else, I contacted several out of home (OOH) companies to find out if it was one of their boards and if they would share a POP. Fortunately, one of the reps knew this was an independent billboard managed by T & T Advertising. After contacting the owner, I found out this was their only (2 sided) billboard. The owner provided a POP and permission to blog about it.

This Joint is Legal Billboard

This is what outdoor advertising is all about; getting attention with a simple and compelling tagline or image. There are not a lot of advertisers (especially local ones), that are willing to put something up like this in order catch the public's attention so kudos to The Joint for using a billboard in this manner. I would imagine this advertisement has created a lot of buzz and it’s all because of the tag line. If you give it a second look, the sub tag and location description are just as good tying it all together. I think the sub tag is almost as equally important just because it’s so good. This same advertisement has also been used for a Chicago location of The Joint and I wouldn't be surprised if other locations, especially in states where marijuana is not legal yet, started using it.

I understand the attention is supposed to be on the tagline but I would have suggested the logo be at least 25% larger as well as location. If anything is as small as they made their website – I recommend leaving it off. I would have also suggested editing the location description so it could have been larger to, “Glenwood Place by Krobar, just roll on in…”

After reaching out to T&T Advertising they also provided me with The Joint’s advertisement on the other side of the structure which is very different from the above. There’s elements to this that I like but I would have suggested keeping the advertisement the same on both sides.

The Joint Chiropractic billboard

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