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OOHC Designs Keenan Media's Website

While we specialize in billboard design, occasionally Out of Home Creative takes on other work such as website design. Most recently, a new Georgia-based outdoor advertising company, Keenan Media hired us to design and launch their website.

Keenan Media had never had a website before and agreed with my approach to have a simplistic, scrolling site. These types of websites have recently gained in popularity since they are extremely user friendly by displaying all your information and content in one easy to view, scroll-able page.

Co-owners Brett and Lane Keenan were looking for someone who could not only design the website but someone who also had experience in out of home. They were referred to me due to my industry experience from my past billboard and website design work. We greatly appreciate their business and their Google review of our work:

"After working with her for a short time, we quickly realized why she is so highly recommended. Melody was very professional and thorough in every aspect during the design process. She was quick to respond to questions or issues and always met our time constraints. She was also attentive to changes and special requests. With this being our first website, she made recommendations and explained why she may or may not have done something a certain way. From the layout to the color scheme and everything in between Melody collaborated with us to execute our vision, and we are very excited about the final product."

Keenan Media Website Atlanta Georgia

Their website is responsive across all devices; desktop, phone and tablet and uses search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Since the client didn't have a website previously there was no need to have a page migration or redirection strategy from the old site to the new site (similar to how you inform the Post Office when you move to a new home). It should come as no surprise to anyone running a website how important SEO is as this 2017 graphic indicates, not to mention that organic search engine traffic costs pennies compared to other site traffic acquisition channels. Keenan Media will be launching a outdoor advertising blog in the future so stay tuned for more from them.

We wish nothing but the best to Keenan Media.

About Out of Home Creative: We are an outdoor advertising firm which designs billboards, digital campaigns, transit, and street furniture to any non-traditional out of home advertising. Based in Atlanta, Georgia we serve businesses, agencies, media buyers and out of home companies throughout North America. Melody Roberts is the Founder and CEO.

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