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OOHC Wins IBO Soft Signs 3D Creative Contest

Melody Roberts, CEO and Founder of Out of Home Creative, has placed first and third overall in the 1st annual IBOUSA - Soft Signs 3D creative contest.

This outdoor advertising design competition was a partnership between Soft Signs 3D and the Independent Billboard Operator Association (IBO USA). As an incentive for the winning billboard designs, Soft Signs 3D, a Canadian company specializing in 3D inflatable vinyl visuals, agreed to provide the 1st place with a complimentary 3D vinyl, 2nd place received 50% off production for a 3D vinyl and 3rd place received 25% off production for a 3D vinyl. In total, a production value of several tens of thousands of dollars were up for grabs. This national contest was a win for all: potential advertisers, operators and the designers.

There were 37 entries and a esteemed judging panel comprised of multiple nationally well-known outdoor advertising leaders. The judges were:

  • Adam Owen, Owen designs

  • Amber Irsik, Dir. Of Marketing Circle Graphics

  • Drew Bolan, Creative Dir. South East OutFront Studios.

  • Todd Broker, Regional Creative leader, South West Clear Channel

  • Lindsey Horowitz, Apx Exchange

  • Mendi Robinson and Sydney Langlois, Creative Dir. Lamar

  • Leith El-Hassan, VP sales Circle Graphics

  • Christopher Robbins, CKRobbins

  • Terry Carmody, Integration Media

1st Place

Schlitterbahn Water Park & Resort

Submitted by Benchmark Outdoor

Designed by Melody Roberts, CEO and Founder Out of Home Creative

When Benchmark Outdoor commissioned me to design Schlitterbahn Water Park & Resort, they discussed the creative needed to relate to a water park ride and possibly use one of their campaign slogans, “Hold On.” I found the inner tube on the yellow water background, which is perfect for OOH because it provides movement, vibrancy and its round shape is ideal for the 3D inflatable. To carry out Schlitterbahn’s yellow and blue branding colors, which happened to be the same as the inner tube, I used the blue for the slogan and a font that makes it feel thrilling.

3rd Place

Texas State Aquarium

Submitted by Benchmark Outdoor

Designed by Melody Roberts, CEO and Founder Out of Home Creative

When Benchmark Outdoor commissioned me to design Texas State Aquarium the idea to use a jellyfish, and the tagline came from Benchmark Outdoor, from there, they gave me creative freedom to run with that idea. After researching the Aquarium, I noticed they used two different logo styles, but I used their wood logo for juxtaposition against the water. Once I found the image of the Jellyfish, it was clear the top part would work for the 3D inflatable, and the background colors would tie in with the tagline. I knew the visual and logo could stand alone, which is why I used a more delicate font on the tagline.

Congratulations to second place winner View Outdoor for their "Albanese Gummi" creative and to all the submitted entries. Soft Signs 3D props are engaging and allow a billboard to stand out. In short, they can transform an every-day billboard into a spectacular branding piece for your business at a reasonable cost compared to other embellishment options. To see more videos of Soft Signs 3D installations click here.

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About Out of Home Creative: We are an outdoor advertising firm which designs billboards, digital campaigns, transit, and street furniture to any non-traditional out of home advertising. Based in Atlanta, Georgia we serve businesses, agencies, media buyers and out of home companies throughout North America. Melody Roberts is the Founder and CEO.

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