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Proof Spec Art Sells

I was commissioned in May by Benchmark Outdoor to design spec artwork for a prospective client, Schlitterbahn water park. To enhance the sell, the spec art was going to be submitted in the IBOUSA/Soft Signs 3D creative contest with first-place awarded a complimentary 3D inflatable vinyl. The concept did win first place, but I wasn’t aware if the client was moving forward.

In September, the VP of Marketing for Kool Runnings in Negril, Jamaica found the Schlitterbahn spec billboard design online while Googling “water park billboard ideas” and contacted me to redesign their billboard (below).

Original Kool Runnings Waterpark Billboard

During our initial creative call, I learned the billboard was located on the road to Negril from the Montego Bay airport. This meant every tourist shuttle bus going to Negril would see the billboard. I discussed a variety of ideas that matched their branding and water slides as well as presented extension opportunities they could consider because the structure is low to the ground. At the end of our call, I asked Kool Runnings if they wanted me to confirm if Schlitterbahn was going to move forward with my concept. I then learned from Benchmark Outdoor that Schlitterbahn was passing on the design and I was able to include it in my presentation.

Below are some of the submissions I presented with similar water slide visuals Kool Runnings features in their park. I researched Rasta font styles and local Jamaican sayings such as ‘Kick Up Rumpus,” which means, “Have a righteous good time,” as well as an image to go along with a slogan the client was considering, “Scream All You Want.”

Kool Runnings Waterpark Billboard Design Ideas

Out of nine proposed design submissions above, the clients top 3 choices were “Kool Vibes”, Green slide and vacationing couple with extension, but they were concerned about vandalism with the slide. In the end, it was Kool Running’s who came back full circle to the original concept they saw and fell in love with online.

Kool Runnings Waterpark Billboard Design

This is proof spec art sells. If a client passes on a concept or campaign, keep trying to sell it to another client in the same business category.

Thank you Kool Runnings for bringing this vision to the outdoors!

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