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Chip Revolution

What do you do when your client wants to start a chip revolution? Create a multimedia OOH campaign that speaks directly to consumers and puts your brand in their hands. Uprising's new superfood chips are now available at Meijer, headquartered in Michigan, so naturally, this was the first market to start the revolution.

Client's request? "Make 'em salivate with food pictures." After drooling over their gallery of nachos and chip hors d'oeuvres, I decided to keep the visuals solely on the chips in all their naked glory, ready to be paired with anything, including headlines that would start the revolution.

Uprising's campaign leveraged a key static placement in Grand Rapids, targeting Meijer executives and the 1-2 punch of digital billboards and wrapped trucks in Detroit's "chip city." How could we make it even yummier? By offering a nacho recipe to first-time shoppers. Watch out, America; a chip revolution is here.

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