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OOH's diversity of size, scale, location, and creative possibilities is unmatched by other media, creating one of the most challenging and rewarding canvases to simplify a brand's narrative. This challenge incites creativity and inspires us to think differently about how to evoke an audience response through an image, word, or headline. This is why creating effective outdoor advertising requires content that connects with your audience because OOH is successful when it's memorable.


Melody Roberts is the founder and chief creative officer of OOHC, a creative agency specializing in outdoor advertising. For 23 years, she has dedicated her career to the medium, inspiring clients, driving sales, and mentoring the next generation of designers to redefine their boundaries in the OOH space.

Before launching her agency in 2015, she served as Clear Channel Outdoor's southeast regional creative director and a member of the national creative committee.

​Melody is an award-winning designer and five-time OBIE finalist whose work has been recognized internationally by OMA's "Best of OOH Worldwide." She has judged for the OBIE awards, serves on OAAA's creative committee and OBIE advisory board, speaks at industry events, and writes for OOH publications. She is listed among Billboard Insider's "Top Women OOH Executives," OOH TODAY's "Top 24 Women Driving Growth in OOH in 2023," and "Top 10 OOH Creatives for 2024."

Airport Display
Billboard Design
Digital Campaigns
Digital Place-Based Media
Mobile Billboards
Street Furniture

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"Wow... Melody is incredible to work with! She met the highest standard of excellence with both speed and quality. I appreciated how Melody brings her OWN strong POV to the table and yet listens to everything I as the client have to say. The mix of confidence + humble listening paired with best-in-class creative skills makes for world-class work. My brand is better for having worked with her."

William Schumacher, Founder and CEO

Uprising Foods

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