Out of Home (OOH) advertising allows you to elevate your brand with creative possibilities unmatched by any other medium. Out of Home Creative (OOHC) brings those possibilities to life, creating tailored solutions that help businesses achieve continuous growth.

Melody Roberts is the founder and chief creative officer of OOHC, a design agency serving local, national, and international clients. Her passion for designing outdoor advertising began in 2001. Before launching her agency in 2015, Melody served as southeast regional creative director for Clear Channel Outdoor, where she was recognized with several national accolades, including OBIE Finalist, five Clear Channel Outdoor creative excellence awards, and was one of Clear Channel's "2010 Top Performers of the Year."

In addition to her work being recognized internationally by the Outdoor Media Association's "Best of OOH Worldwide," she has received awards and recognition at the national level. She is a member of the OAAA and serves on the creative committee. She is also a member of OAAG, a supporter and judge of ArtPop, and a guest columnist for the OOH industry news site Billboard Insider, where she is listed among its "Top Women Out of Home Executives."

Airport Display
Billboard Design
Digital Campaigns
Digital Place-Based Media
Mobile Billboards
Sidewalk Stencil
Street Furniture

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"Our whole team is blown away by Melody. She is the only person we've worked with who's fast enough and quality enough to be a feasible solutions partner for our advertisers. She's the ingredient we've been missing for our mission to help save the real world by enabling brands to create experiences as dynamic offline as they are online."


Sam Mallikarjunan, CEO