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Welcome to {designing} the great outdoors.

Out of Home Creative is a billboard design and outdoor advertising firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. We design out of home advertising for businesses, agencies, media buyers and out of home companies. Our focus is setting your brand apart from your competitors and capturing your audience’s attention. We build brands that are captivating by designing billboards, digital campaigns, transit and street furniture to any new non-traditional out of home advertisements.

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Have an idea about where you want your business to go? Need help getting there? Put our design expertise to work.

We can help expand your

reach by creatively crafting your billboard advertising message.

For better impression results use

Out of Home Creative as your one-stop shop for billboard design.

Save time on consulting, strategy

and production process with an experienced billboard designer.

“Creative can be 10% of the cost or if it isn't good, 90% of the problem.”



Out of Home Creative offers speculative & sold artwork, image research and manipulation, creative strategy, consulting, preparation of production-ready art and external vendor work flow integration. 



Clean, simple and effective. Less is more and the bigger, the better... it's all one in the same with out of home. Explore ideas you can't get with traditional print.



We have a strong understanding of brand presence in the outdoor industry and can alleviate the creative process for you or tailor

it to your needs.


"Melody is a pleasure to work with. She is a consummate professional, with a passion for Out of Home Advertising. Her design and people skills are top-notch. Melody always takes the initiative to develop the best possible outcome for each client or project she engages in. From brainstorming to concept to completion, she will 'wow' you."

Lynn Terlaga / Former NY Regional General Manager

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